Bio-Enterprise and Employability

This will be a slight diversion from my usually concise posts as it will be an overview of the entire Bio Enterprise Module with a statement encompassing my thoughts on the content and how it's helped me focus my career plans. What is Bio-enterprise? "Bio-Enterprise" is really as simple as the name suggests. Bio- meaning … Continue reading Bio-Enterprise and Employability


Careers Café

The final part of this module, with the exception of the very blog you are currently reading, was the attendance of something known as a "Careers Café". This was essentially a seminar given by four guest speakers, all graduates from Bangor University, who have gone on to gain successful careers. The for speakers came from … Continue reading Careers Café

My chosen subject is…why I’m right for this job.

No, this isn't a post about Mastermind, this is about the assessment centre, albeit the mock one, we went to as practice for the real ones we will most likely experience at some point. An assessment centre is a method used by employers to interview and, as the name suggests, assess multiple candidates in as … Continue reading My chosen subject is…why I’m right for this job.


Entering the Dragon’s Den.

The premise for this part of the module was fairly simple. We would spend the day coming up with an idea for a business (ideally themed around some aspect of biological science, as that is the field in which we are all studying), plan it with all the necessary details, and then pitch it to … Continue reading Entering the Dragon’s Den.


Business Plans: “Growing Up” in the world.

As a follow up to the previous assessment, the Dragon's Den business presentation, we were asked to write up a formal business plan. I opted to use the business my group had come up with during the Dragon's pitch of a vertical landscape gardening company. I found my lack of knowledge of the business world a … Continue reading Business Plans: “Growing Up” in the world.


Writing a CV…

Point to anyone in the real world, not this fantasy land of University many of us have become far too accustomed to, and they will have written a CV at some point in their lives. The CV, or curriculum vitae, is the golden ticket to a job. It is the accumulation of one's professional life, all typed … Continue reading Writing a CV…