Bio-Enterprise and Employability

This will be a slight diversion from my usually concise posts as it will be an overview of the entire Bio Enterprise Module with a statement encompassing my thoughts on the content and how it's helped me focus my career plans. What is Bio-enterprise? "Bio-Enterprise" is really as simple as the name suggests. Bio- meaning [...]


Careers Café

The final part of this module, with the exception of the very blog you are currently reading, was the attendance of something known as a "Careers Café". This was essentially a seminar given by four guest speakers, all graduates from Bangor University, who have gone on to gain successful careers. The for speakers came from [...]

Writing a CV…

Point to anyone in the real world, not this fantasy land of University many of us have become far too accustomed to, and they will have written a CV at some point in their lives. The CV, or curriculum vitae, is the golden ticket to a job. It is the accumulation of one's professional life, all typed [...]