About the author

My name is Elliot Green and I am the author of The Green Biology Blog!

Me with my dog, Teddy, enjoying a paddle in the sea at Formby.


I am currently a third year Zoology (with animal behaviour) student at Bangor University. My course involves the study of a wide range of topics from evolution and conservation, to cognition and ecology. I hope to continue after graduation with a career in science, possibly research or in a commercial laboratory. I am also considering the possibility of retraining to become a biology teacher as a means to share my passion of the life sciences to the next generation.

I have a wide variety of interests both within andĀ outside the scientific world, some of these include-

  • Cognition
  • Bacterial effects on behaviour (the focus of my third year project)
  • Animal welfare and ethics
  • Anatomy and morphology

  • Theatre and performing arts
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Current affairs