Writing a CV…

Point to anyone in the real world, not this fantasy land of University many of us have become far too accustomed to, and they will have written a CV at some point in their lives. The CV, or curriculum vitae, is the golden ticket to a job. It is the accumulation of one’s professional life, all typed out neatly at size 12 in a sensible font (no comic sans here, thank you very much) on no more than 2 sides of A4.Microsoft-Edge-Web-Notes-CV---Bin108897109

CVs are so important, just typing in those two, terrifying letters into Google gives you a wealth of tips, templates, guides and advice; from a vast number of organisations including universities and job search sites.

To help prepare students of Bangor University, we were given a lecture about writing a CV or resumé. We were provided with the necessary elements that are a must as well as elements which are up for interpretation.


  • Have one’s name and contact information.
  • Have all the relevant up-to-date information.
  • Be in reverse chronological order.
  • Be concise yet have all necessary information.

All of this came down to an assignment in which we would look for a job vacancy or advert and then write a custom CV for that position. This is something that I personally found quite interesting. I was, until this point, unaware of the concept of multiple CVs. As I highlighted in the ‘Musts’ list, relevance is key. Say, for example, I have 3 months experience in a veterinary surgery, it would ideal for a job in animal care such as the RSPCA or possibly in a zoo. This experience however, would not be useful if I were applying for a job as an extra on Coronation Street. This is where relevance comes into play. It is not enough to simply list everything you have done, that shows a lack of interest for the actual job.

Since this lecture and subsequent assignment, I have developed and redesigned my own CV several times to get it to a high standard that is flexible enough to adjust as necessary for any job I wish to apply to in the future.


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